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A Library of Beautiful Church Design Templates to Enhance Your In-Person & Online Experience.

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Easy to use Culturally relevant Free Design Templates

Are you frustrated with spending way too much time creating designs yourself?
We have a completely FREE solution for you: Canva for Churches.
With these easy-to-use and culturally relevant  church Canva templates, you can easily create professional-looking graphics for your church’s social media posts, Sermon Series, Service Screens, and more, all for free.

Church Canva Templates
canvaforchurches free design library

Who we are

We understand how hard it is to serve in ministry, so we put our resources together to create a design library to make your life easier. When one church gets better, we all get better.

Our entire library is still a work in progress, but we’re committed to providing quality templates for all your ministry needs.

canvaforchurches free design library


In the download file you’ll find:

+100 Editable Church Social Media Templates

  • +20 Design Kits

  • +15 Premium Sermon Series Design Templates

  • Seasonal graphics

  • Growth Track promo kit

  • Event graphics promo kit

  • Social graphic bundle

  • Prayer and fasting promo kit

  • Encouraging verses bundle

  • Modern aesthetics bundle

  • Easter graphics promo kit

  • Premium Sermon series designs

  • Baptism promo kit

What You Get

Social Post

Beautiful verse, quote, and invite graphics to supercharge your social media.

Service Screens

Easy to edit service screens to enhance your in-person experience.

Sermon Series

Eye catching sermon designs to gain inspiration, save time and get ahead on your next series.


Pre-made editable kits  with a unified look for both digital and print materials.

Church Canva Templates free forever

Access Free Church Canva Templates You won't believe how easy it is

All you need is a Canva account, and you can access the templates and customize them to fit your needs. Not only will you save money by using these templates, but you will also save time. No more waiting for a designer to create something for you – you can create it yourself in just a few clicks. Some of our design elements may require a Canva Pro subscription but the good news is if you’re a registered  non-profit you get Canva’s premium subscription for free.
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Is this Canva?

No, our website is simply a design library with hundreds of free Church Canva template links.

How much does this design library cost?

Canva for Churches is a free-forever design library created by church people for church people.

How many churches are currently using this library?

As of January 13, 2023, We have over 200 churches leveraging our free design library. We’re committed to improving our platform and our designs so everyone can benefit.

Who created this platform?

Our library was created by two church consultants, Michael Persuad and Denis Estimon, who brought together their resources to create this free resource to help ministries enhance their in-person and online experience.

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Canva Templates

Give Canva for Churches templates a try and see how much time and money you can save. Your sanity and your wallet will thank you.